Academy of the Holy Angels


To the Parents of AHA students:

The Academy of the Holy Angels is working to improve the air quality around our school and we would like your help.

When buses and cars idle in the school parking area, the exhaust can pollute the air inside the school building and pose a health risk to children throughout the day.

We're asking parents, guardians and bus drivers to turn off their vehicle engines outside our school.  You can have a positive impact on our school's air quality by just turning off your engine when you are waiting to pick up and drop off at school.  This simple action will reduce the exposure to air pollutants from auto exhaust.  A single car dropping off and picking up at our school can produce three pounds of pollution into the air per month.

You will notice that we do have signs posted outside our building.

For further information please log on to the Department of Environmental Protection website at:


Alexis Vale
Transportation  Coordinator

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