The Theory of Growth Mindset

January 2020

The start of a new year provides us with an opportune moment to make a change for the better. Some of us call these opportunities ‘resolutions’ while others call them ‘habits.’ No matter what you call them, they are simply better ‘practices’ for improved living. I use the word ‘practice’ deliberately here because literally, if one adopts a new regimen, and practices it daily, it becomes second nature and an automatic part of our behavior. In this month’s article, “7 Powerful Habits for a Growth Mindset,” author Brenda Berg suggests that our unconscious brains can sabotage our personal successes and if we only had a growth mindset, we would fare much better. I concur and encourage students to consider adopting a few of these strategies in order for them to create other positive life changing habits that are sustainable.

Growth Mindset & AHA

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