The Theory of Growth Mindset

June 2018


Dear Parents and Students,

Parents are all united in their desire for happiness for their children. If you were to ask your daughters what would make them happy, I wonder what their answers would be. Too often, I hear students tout goals, achievements and college acceptances as their golden ticket to happiness and this is concerning to me. Getting into a great college does not bring happiness. In fact, students can be happy at any college and the truth is, students at Harvard are no happier than students at Loyola.

I believe what we truly desire is for our children to be self-sufficient, healthy and fulfilled and we’ve coined the term “happy” to include all of these ideals. But perhaps we’ve not shared this specific and true meaning of happiness with our children clearly enough. Stress and anxiety levels are on the rise. Students, and particularly females, are under tremendous amounts of pressure to excel in every aspect of their lives. They feel that they need to be smarter, prettier, more talented, more popular and ultimately, most successful. When is it enough?

In her novel, Enough as She Is, Rachel Simmons examines the cause of our society’s number one rising social problem and with practical advice, advises how we can help our daughters learn self-compassion, self-care and seek support when needed. This is a pivotal book written at a critical time and is necessary reading for parents of daughters of all ages. I can tell you that it has given me serious food for thought and will be considered in my decision making moving forward.

Normally I’d be sharing an article that reflects and support the Growth Mindset research we are completing for our Middle States Evaluation. This month, I am opting out of the article to share with you the news of this noteworthy book and I’m strongly urging you to add it to your summer reading list. Read with an open mind and open heart.


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