The Theory of Growth Mindset

November 2019

Cultivating Self-Awareness to Move Learning Forward,
Sucheta Kamath, MA, MA, CCC, BC-ANCDS, Founder ExQ

The attached article is filled with academic growth strategies that are essential for genuine student growth. I will be sharing this article with the faculty and I believe the suggestions are important for parents/families too. Kamath, author of the sponsored article, claims that, “self-awareness is arguable the most crucial academic skill” and that “effective learners successfully guide attention and intention towards the self as a doer, thinker, and an evaluator and help yield academic and social goals set by self for self.” The article also explains the concept of growth mindset that many people misinterpret. Sometimes a parent will say that the teacher or the school does not have a growth mindset when in fact, they have not worked with their student to discuss identifying goals and reaching them. In this instance, the discussion is more valuable when we know that the family has been working with their student during the course of the year to reach a certain goal. They’ve done their homework and know what is required before making such requests. In short, helping our learners improve their executive functioning skills and self-awareness is the best way to help them best manage their academic and personal lives.

Growth Mindset & AHA

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