The Theory of Growth Mindset

March 2019

Jenny Anderson’s article, “Grounding the Helicopter- Parents: Let Your Kids Fail. You’ll Be Doing Them a Favor” begins with this question: Your teenager has a science project due. He hates science. He hates projects (as you do). Do you: A) Set deadlines for him, gather necessary materials, lay them out on the table with chocolate chip cookies B) Ask your neighbor, who is a renowned chemist, to stop by and wax poetic about the periodic table C) Hide and pray.

The answer is C, but if answers A and B were not exaggerated (i.e. cookies and periodic tables), I am guessing that some of us might have chosen one of them. Anderson’s article, based on the findings shared in Jessica Lahey’s book, The Gift of Failure, asserts that, frequently, parents act out of love for our children because it makes us feel good to help them. But parents should be thinking more about the long term goal of making our children self-sufficient.

This month’s article is a primer for our event on March 28th at 6:30pm in the Learning Commons when the author of The Gift of Failure will be here in person to speak to parents and sign books. Please put this special occasion on your calendar! I urge you to read this month’s article and to consider reading Lahey’s book, which address the concerning trend that we seem to be more worried about raising happy children than competent or autonomous ones.

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