The Theory of Growth Mindset

April 2018

“The vision of a global community based on gospel values permeates life at the Academy, calling each young woman to leadership that advances justice, peace, and the integrity of creation.” These words, taken from our mission and following the tradition of our founding order, The School Sisters of Notre Dame, prove that Sister Nonna Dunphy and the women who’ve come before us set not only lofty goals, but ones that have outlasted generations and withstood the test of time. In his commentary entitled, 'The sign of a successful school isn't simply good exam results – it's the confident, well-rounded pupils they produce,' Headmaster Chris Townsend reminds us that the goal is the people schools produce, not the grades the pupils received on their exams. It is valuing hard work, learning a variety of important life skills, and developing character that matter most. In other words, learning for the sake of learning, which is the heart of the Growth Mindset concept. It seems our Foundress was ahead of her times!

Growth Mindset & AHA

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