The Theory of Growth Mindset

December 2017

In this month’s mindset article "How the understanding of ‘mindset’ can impact success", author Susan Winebrenner explains that at this time of year, some student become overwhelmed. Frustrations mount and they easily give up in the face of challenges. But growing research shows that a student’s reaction, or mindset, can positively or negatively affect the future course of action, affecting her coursework, and her life. The author admits that both gifted and struggling learners struggle with self-defeating thoughts and students in both categories have the ability to affect the outcome simply by the way they frame their mistakes and frustrations. Best of all, this article includes a link to Carol Dweck’s “The Power of Yet” TEDTalk. I encourage you, as does Winebrenner, to watch the video and share with others. It offers powerful advice for everyone—students and parents alike. 



Growth Mindset & AHA

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