The Theory of Growth Mindset

June 2018

Surprisingly to us, many students, especially girls, do not like to ask questions or ask for help when they do not understand something. We’ve learned that there are two main reasons for this: 1. Sometimes students assume that they missed the information because they were daydreaming or off task. If they ask a question about something that was clearly covered, they will reveal their inattentiveness. 2. They are embarrassed. Everyone else around them seems to understand.

Girls do not like to be perceived as needing extra help. We find this surprising because, just as Michelle Woo indicates in “If You Want to Do Better in School, Ask for Help,” students who ask questions and who ask for help are generally higher achievers. Once again, this brings us back to one of the cornerstones of Growth Mindset theory, that success is NOT the result of innate ability but the process of applying oneself to new concepts and new methods of mastering either material or skills. We hope that parents empower their daughters to ask questions and not to be ashamed to ask for help. This is a necessary skill for students to fully learn and grow during their years at Holy Angels and beyond.

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