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AHA Alumna Shares Career Information with Communications Class

Demarest, NJ: Miriam Tomaselli, a 1995 graduate of the Academy of the Holy Angels, recently returned to her alma mater to address Nancy Schneberger’s communications class.

Tomaselli traced her career path from her first job to her current position as vice president/director of integrated operations at Area 23, an advertising agency whose clients include multiple well-known pharmaceutical giants.

After she graduated from AHA, this accomplished alumna pursued her education at Marist College and New York University. Her formal education was enhanced by the experience she gained while she was pursuing gymnastic baton twirling at the world trial level between the ages of 10 and 17. During those years, Tomaselli recalled that she learned discipline, teamwork, perseverance, the importance of facing one’s fears, and how to prepare for the unexpected – valuable life lessons she has applied throughout her career. 

At Marist, she became involved with a business fraternity that helped her realize she enjoys running an organization. Later, her connections within that group helped her network while she was searching for a new career opportunity.

She stressed the importance of effective communication, which can be verbal or nonverbal, and allows teams to achieve their goals.

Communication, she added, is one of the six pillars of leadership.

The other pillars Tomaselli discussed are perseverance, patience, empathy, authenticity, and self-empowerment. Commenting on this last concept, Tomaselli explained that she has been called upon to work in roles without instruction from someone else.

“Don’t wait for that to happen,” she advised, noting the value of being willing to educate yourself.

Her top tips for a successful interview include making a favorable first impression that starts with an error-free resume that matches the requirements of the job. She recommends that candidates research the company, know why they want to work there, and demonstrate an understanding of the position. The all-important first face-to-face meeting, she added, should include a firm handshake and plenty of eye contact.

Candidates should arrive early and bring a notebook and a “script” they can use. She recommends that candidates mold their answers to interview questions so they describe what they hope to accomplish. Tomaselli recommends that candidates ask the interviewer a question to demonstrate engagement, and follow up with a brief thank you note.

“Make it clear you want the job,” she emphasized.

Tomaselli’s generous outpouring of advice was clearly inspired by her personal educational journey at AHA.

“This is a very special place to me,” she said of the school.


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