Holy Angels Community Welcomed S. Cathy Arata, SSND

November 4th, 2014 

Today the Academy of the Holy Angels community welcomed S. Cathy Arata, SSND who shared her experiences working for six years with Solidarity With South Sudan, a consortium of more than 200 religious congregations dedicating themselves in South Sudan to training teachers, health care workers and pastoral personnel to improve the lives of the people there. AHA President, Mrs. Melinda Hanlon welcomed S. Cathy and expressed how closely her work reflects the mission ideals of the School Sisters of Notre Dame to transform the world through education and to live in solidarity with all of creation.

S. Cathy offered a quick overview of South Sudan’s geography and recent history, as well as some if its most pressing humanitarian challenges. Since its independence in 2011 and before, the people of South Sudan have been struggling with the effects of civil war. Many are displaced and lacking basic necessities and very few Sudanese receive an education; those that do are typically boys. With only one medical doctor for each 100,000 people, its health care system is severely lacking and the country leads the world in infant mortality. And although the country is rich in natural resources, including oil and gold, many of its citizens struggle for survival on a daily basis. Solidarity With Sudan seeks to confront these challenges through education, advocacy and prayer.  S. Cathy urged the AHA students and staff to seek justice and work for the common good and to stand in solidarity with South Sudan, through prayer, service and action. “We are all called to be brothers and sisters to one another. And this is not an option but rather but rather a vocation: a vocation that calls on all of us.”  In addition to holding their Sudanese brothers and sisters in prayer, the AHA community will direct its Thanksgiving fundraising efforts this year to their needs. Its goal is to provide funds sufficient to cover a year’s tuition for at least twenty Sudanese students.


Photo from left to right are:
AHA Dean of Students Ms. Jean Mullooly, Principal Miss Jennifer Moran, S. Cathy Arata, SSND and AHA President, Mrs. Melinda Hanlon.

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