AHA Principal Jennifer Moran

June 2018

Dear AHA Community,

Did you blink? I feel as though the past school year flew by so quickly that if one blinked, one may have missed it! And June will pass much in the same vein. When you get this letter, the seniors will have already graduated! It is a bittersweet time of year; I will greatly miss the Class of 2018, but I also know it is time to let their wings take flight.

The last day of the 4th quarter will be Wednesday, June 6th. Thursday, students will meet with all of their classes for one last opportunity to review for each course. If they do not have a final exam for a course, they are expected to use that class time preparing materials for other exams. Exams begin Friday June 8th and end the following Thursday, the last day of school, June 14th. Make-up exams are being given on Friday, June 15th.

Rising students will be notified of their course list in June. Please note that our offices will officially close on June 22rd and will reopen on August 20st. Our Registrar, College Counseling and Main Offices will not be able to respond to your inquiries during the summer. If you have an emergency, you can email me as I will periodically check my email.

For students who’ve chosen to challenge themselves in AP and other advanced courses, be sure to check PowerSchool pages for any assignments that you may have in preparation for September. Please do not wait until Labor Day to order new uniform pieces and consumable books. It is very stressful for students to feel ill-equipped at the start of the school year when they should be feeling their most organized.

Yes, the 2017-2018 school year happened! It was exhausting, eventful, challenging, painful at times, yet rewarding and glorious too. Let us be thankful for the opportunities that allowed us to grow and let us appreciate the gift of rest and rejuvenation that summer will afford us. Thank you for a wonderful year, for your continued support, and as always, for entrusting Holy Angels to educate your daughters.

God Bless,

Ms. Jean Mullooly

Academy of the Holy Angels

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