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The Office of Academic and College Counseling of the Academy focuses on preparing students every step of the way for admission to college. The overall educational goals and philosophy of the Academy to enable students "to reach the fullness of their potential" is also grounded in the OACC's philosophy as it is very important for families to strive for "good matches" between their daughter's interests, abilities, and talents and their college or university choices. As there are literally thousands of colleges to choose from, the OACC is here to help you find that "best match". We serve as a resource of information and your direct link to college admissions offices.

From the moment a Freshman steps on to our campus, our Counselors are hard at work on the road through the college planning process. Orientations, Evening Meetings, Individual Appointments, Grade-Level Assemblies and Workshops are held to ensure that students are receiving the most current college admissions information. We strive to completely educate our families regarding the college admissions process, as they, with their daughters are the most integral parts of this process. 

Beginning in freshman year, Counselor-Student assignments are announced. Each student then works with the same Counselor through the four years. This affords the opportunity to develop strong and lasting working relationships. During freshman year, the OACC places emphasis on adjustment to high school and the Academy, developing strong study skills, personal responsibility, school spirit and citizenship, academic progress, preparing for standardized tests, and preliminary college planning.

Throughout Sophomore, Junior, and Senior years, emphasis is placed on career awareness and exploration, academic progress, preparation for college standardized tests, enrichment programs, and the college search, planning, application, and selection process.

Counseling and guidance is provided in order to make appropriate and realistic college selections. Counselors continually meet and communicate with students and parents by in-person appointments, phone, fax, and email. College Conferences are held with more than 125 colleges on our campus.

The Office of Academic and College Counseling guides students and their families through an exceptional college-preparatory curriculum and college admissions process. 




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AHA-FDU Middle College Program
AP Program
OACC Freshmen Orientation
College Application Q & A Sessions
College Essay Writing Workshop
College Financial Aid Night
College Immediate Decision Days
Grade Level Meetings
Grade Level Parent & Student College Workshops
National Standardized Testing
Naviance College Planning Platform
SAT & ACT School Day Testing
Senior College Conferences


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