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Angels Advantage Program

One of the best ways a student can gain insight into a career is through hands-on experience, in the workplace up close and personal. Externships provide a glimpse into the day-to-day tasks performed by people in their preferred profession. During an externship a student can gain practical knowledge about a career, get an insider’s view of a career field, assess their “fit” within a given career field or type and size of an organization and gain experience to use on a resume. 

The Academy of the Holy Angels seeks to:

  • expose our students to different career options
  • assist students in gaining confidence in their possible career choices
  • help students to network and explore with professional alumnae 
  • offer an opportunity to “shadow” a professional in her day-to-day working environment within a given field

Through our Angels Advantage Externship Program we hope that we may provide our girls with the opportunity to explore and cultivate their dreams through on-the-job practice. Externships usually last one to two days, although some can be one to two hour informational meetings and no payment or credit is involved. The length of the externship is predetermined by the sponsors/mentors. This can be done during the summer or a school vacation time. It is expected that the students have a structured and supervised work experience. Alumnae interested in sponsoring a student extern should complete the Angels Advantage Mentor form



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