Course Offerings

Holy Angels offers a wide variety of courses at four levels for students to challenge themselves to work to their fullest potential. But learning does not end in the classroom. With opportunities for externships, study abroad programs and college workshops, our students continue to grow and achieve great things beyond the campus.

Academic Course Levels

College-Preparatory (CP)

Honors (H) 

College preparatory courses of a more rigorous nature (placement depends upon departmental criteria and teacher recommendation).

High Honors (HH) and Advanced Placement (AP)

College preparatory courses of a most rigorous nature that meet the following: course content is highly challenging; the workload substantially exceeds that of a regular course; the level of teaching reflects the teachers’ high expectations of students. The screening of students determines if their ability level is adequate for the demands of the course.

Advanced Placement Courses (AP)

Holy Angels offers 15 AP courses to juniors and seniors who have demonstrated through past achievement that they are able to handle college-level courses in high school. All students enrolled in AP classes are required to take the national exam in that subject area in the spring.

  • In 2012-13, 62% of juniors and seniors took at least one AP course.
  • In May 2013, students took a total of 347 exams; 93% of those students scored a 3, 4, or 5.
  • 100% of the students in US History and Spanish Language achieved a passing score.
  • Students in Biology, Chemistry, Art History, English Language, English Literature, Government & Politics, and Studio Art enjoyed success rates at or above 92%.  

Middle College Program (MCP)

College courses are offered to juniors and seniors at the Academy through the Fairleigh Dickinson Middle College Program. Eight university courses are offered for credit through this program.  Juniors and seniors enrolled in these courses can earn up to 15 credits while at the Academy. The AHA courses are:
Anatomy & Physiology-H/MCP
International Studies-H/MCP
French IV-H/MCP
Organic Chemistry-H/MCP
Classical Humanities-H/MCP
Italian IV-H/MCP
Environmental Science-H/MCP



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