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Course Placement Guidelines

Every effort is made to place each student in the course and/or course section best suited for her. Assignment to some courses and/or sections are made on the basis of previous performance, standardized tests, placement tests, and faculty recommendations. Because of scheduling conflicts it is not always possible to honor students’ course selections, but every effort is made so the student gets into her selected core courses.

All courses at the Academy of the Holy Angels (AHA) are college-preparatory.  Most courses are divided into four levels which are described below. Students are scheduled for courses according to their performance and potential. A high degree of individual attention is given to each student’s needs, abilities, strengths and limitations so that she will be successful and challenged in her academic career at AHA.

The Two-Semester System

Although AHA operates under a two-semester (four quarter) system, the curriculum changes in some areas of study as each quarter changes. This allows not only for more concentrated study and some freedom of choice, but also for greater variety throughout a student’s yearly schedule.

Guidelines for Course Selection

Freshmen: are required to take Religious Studies I, English I, World History, Biology, Mathematics, a World Language, Physical Education/Health, Art, Music and Technology.

Sophomores: are required to take Religious Studies II, English II, Mathematics, Chemistry, US History I, World Language, Physical Education/Health, a semester of Art or Music and electives to complete their course of study.

Juniors: are required to take Religious Studies III, English III, US History II, Mathematics, Science, World Language, Physical Education, and are required to take electives to complete the course of study.

Seniors: are required to take Religious Studies IV, English IV, Humanities - Honors, Physical Education and must elect at least three other year courses or the equivalent. A minimum of 7 classes is required.


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