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The Art Program is founded on the belief that each student at the Academy has unlimited creative potential. Students are encouraged to explore and develop mastery in a variety of traditional and experimental media and techniques through serious study of Painting, Drawing, Design, Photography, and Sculpture. Emphasis is placed on individual interpretation of subjects and observation from life, personal expression, critical thinking and creative problem-solving. Art Department classes offer the opportunity for individual instruction in the studio environment, and motivation through personal expression in group critiques.

  • Through the practice of making art, students develop essential skills in the formal elements of art and design and begin to understand the relationships of contemporary culture to the art of the past.
  • All studio classes incorporate discussion, research, and reflection on art historical influences and aesthetics.
  • For students who wish to conduct serious college-level study of world cultural history, we offer a rigorous and highly rewarding course of study in AP Art History. While appreciating the relationship of art to the past, we challenge students to make interdisciplinary connections and gain critical skills in visual literacy to aid them in the twenty-first century.
  • Students utilize computer technologies on a regular basis to conduct research, create original works of art, and gain access to online museum image databases for the careful study of art and artifacts.

Serious and disciplined study of fine arts results in a competitive portfolio of work after four years of study. By participating in the Visual Arts at the Academy, students find the confidence to create beauty in the world and celebrate their individuality. Many of our graduates go on to enjoy art as a rewarding life-long hobby or prestigious career in the areas of architecture, fine arts, art direction, and museum professions. It all begins at the Academy…




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