Math is such an important part of the world today, including in the fields of science, art, engineering, architecture, and business. The Mathematics Department at Academy of the Holy Angels strives to enable their students to develop an understanding and appreciation of Mathematics. It is our hope that our students ultimately will develop:

  • Logical thought and problem solving techniques and apply these to finding solutions to every day problems.
  • The ability to express their ideas accurately, to organize and to interpret data.
  • Good study skills and a strong work ethic.
  • The skills to utilize technology (graphing calculator, laptops) as a way to explore and deepen their understanding of mathematical concepts.
  • A sufficient background in mathematics to ensure the future success of all of their endeavors.

Our program is directed toward the specific wants and needs of our students. It is possible for a student to graduate from AHA with six years of math classes. This can be achieved by taking two math courses during both sophomore and senior years.

If a student has completed a full year of Algebra I in 8th grade, she may be invited to take a placement exam that will enable her to take Geometry during her freshman year. Approximately eighteen percent of our freshman class meets this challenge annually and are on track to take Calculus during their senior year.

The state of New Jersey requires students to complete three years of Math in high school. At AHA these courses typically include Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II. Students are motivated and encouraged to take a fourth year upper level Math course. On average 92% of the senior class takes a fourth year of math. About one-third of the senior class is enrolled in a Calculus course. Our students can accelerate their course of study by taking Geometry and Algebra II during their sophomore year. With encouragement from their teachers, about 25% of our sophomore class doubles up in Math, thus ensuring that they will take a Calculus course during their senior year.  

AHA has an active chapter in Mu Alpha Theta, the Math National Honor Society. These students have excelled in their math courses at AHA and are given the privilege of tutoring students who are in need of help in their math classes.



Algebra I – HH, H & CP
Geometry – HH, H & CP
Algebra II – HH, H & CP
Pre-Calculus – HH, H & CP 
Statistics & Probability CP
Calculus – AB AP, HH & CP
Statistics – AP
Introduction to Computer Science


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