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The Physical Education & Health Departments at AHA give the student the opportunity to develop physically, spiritually, socially and intellectually. The program is designed to instruct students in sports, fitness activities, and health related life skills. The Physical Education curriculum recognizes the wide range of abilities and interests of its students and seeks to provide flexibility in its offerings, while maintaining standards and requirements. The framework for our program is based on physical fitness, team building, creative games, individual and team sports and lifetime activities. To supplement units taught, we boast a fitness center that helps the student improve their physical fitness. The fitness equipment is used to increase muscular endurance, muscular strength, cardiovascular endurance, and flexibility. While serving the diverse needs of our students, the purposes of our instruction are to develop a commitment to lifelong physical activity, and to provide an environment in which students enjoy participating in physical activity.

The objective of our health curriculum is to help each individual student look at health as an important way of life. Through our curriculum, students will learn to use personal and interpersonal life skills that contribute to their own health and wellness, to attain their goals and to use their potential for bettering themselves, their families, and their community. Each student will be faced with important and sometimes difficult health decisions as they grow and mature so the information delivered in the health curriculum is geared towards helping each student to make those decisions in an informed and positive way.


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