Physical Education and
Health Courses

Requirements: All students are required to take four years of the Physical Education sequence, and three quarters of Health. 

Physical Education I, II, III, and IV  

Physical fitness is incorporated into all aspects of the curriculum on all levels. A wide variety of team sports are offered such as soccer, indoor hockey, basketball, softball, volleyball and handball (basic fundamentals). In addition, elements of the project adventure and creative games curriculum will be incorporated into every grade level to help students demonstrate improved self-confidence in individual and group challenges and the ability to work cooperatively towards the attainment of group goals.

"Lifetime" activities such as tennis, archery, badminton, golf, bowling, yoga and Pilates are offered. Units in ultimate Frisbee, flag football and orienteering are also introduced. There is a physical fitness assessment required for all levels in the first and fourth quarter in the areas of strength, endurance and flexibility. 

(Grades 9, 10, 11 and 12) (Course # 9101, 9201, 9301, 9401)

Health I and II

The goal of these courses is to help each individual look at health as a way of life that will help her attain individual goals and use her highest potential for bettering herself, her family and her community. Every person, no matter what her job in later life, will be confronted with health decisions. These courses provide valid information so that difficult decisions will not be a stumbling block to good health. Topics include: stress, nutrition, reproductive system, AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases, as well as other issues in sexuality, drug use, misuse and abuse. There will be an opportunity to become certified in CPR/AED. (Grades 9 and 10) (Course # 9111, 9211)

Sports Medicine 

This course will give a brief overview of the human body systems with an emphasis on the musculoskeletal system. It will cover a detailed study of the structure and functions of the musculoskeletal system, injuries of the musculoskeletal system, injury prevention, sports psychology, sports nutrition and strength and conditioning. There is also a focus on the career aspect of sports medicine. There will be an opportunity to become certified in First Aid and CPR/AED. (Grade 12) (Course # 9411)

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