Achievement is reported by numerical grades.  Letter grades are used for physical education courses.

Honor Roll and Principal’s List

The Honor Roll and Principal’s List for each quarter will be based upon the unweighted numerical average of all quarter grades. A failing grade in any subject will disqualify a student.  Furthermore, a violation of the Honesty Policy will disqualify a student from the Honor Roll and Principal’s List in the quarter in which the violation occurred.

  • Principal’s List    95-100 and B or higher in PE
  • Honor Roll           90-94 and B or higher in PE

Statement of Class Rank

AHA does not rank. Due to the challenging nature of the Academy’s curriculum and the high academic caliber of the student body, the cumulative weighted, grade point average is regarded as the most significant indicator of the student performance. 

Grading Scale

A+ = 95-100
A = 90-94  
B+ = 85-89  
B = 80-84  
C = 75-79
D = 70-74
F = less than 70    

Course Multipliers

College-Preparatory (1.00 multiplier)
Honors (1.03 multiplier)
High Honors (1.06 multiplier)
Advanced Placement (1.07 multiplier)


Report Card Codes

COM = Complete
EX = Excused 
P = Passing
SS = Summer School
WP = Withdraw Passing
WF = Withdraw Failing
INC = Incomplete

Progress Report Codes

U = Unsatisfactory
F = Failing
IP = Improved Performance

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