Ka Po Chu

Research Associate II R&D Formulation Development
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc

2011 – MS from Rutgers University in Biomedical Engineering
2008 – BS from Boston University in Engineering

“I had a strong interest in science/math as a young girl. I enjoyed reading about scientific facts and watching the Discovery Channel and remember being asked in fifth grade what I would like to be when I grow up, I said, ‘a scientist.’ I believe I am where I am today because Holy Angels provided the foundation to grow and pursue my dreams disregarding gender stereotypes about women in science/math. Holy Angels has courses such as AP Physics and Anatomy and Physiology in addition to fundamental science courses like Biology, Chemistry and Physics. The faculty encouraged students to pursue science/math classes and in my last year at Holy Angels I was able to take an AP Physics class. Besides the science/math courses at Holy Angels, the liberal arts classes such as English were important to me as a woman in the sciences. I learned how to articulate and express my opinions well so I can now effectively communicate with colleagues at work."

“AHA science/math programs are a great way to be exposed and learn about science/math. AHA will give you the foundation that you will need for any future science/math classes when you attend college. At AHA, you are provided with options to take advanced level science/math classes too. There are also hands-on experiments in the laboratories and field trips to learn how science is applied in daily life. For example, at end of the semester my physics class went to Six Flags to learn about how physics is applied when you have fun on the roller coaster.”


"I believe I am where I am today because Holy Angels provided the foundation to grow and pursue my dreams disregarding gender stereotypes about women in science/math." 

-Ka Po Chu


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