World Language

The World Language Department goal is to create an environment in which the students are motivated to learn languages. Focused on the improvement of student performance, the World Language Department objectives are also tied to the mission of the school: to help the students reach the fullness of their potential and share their gifts with others. It recognizes the challenges of educating for communication and improving language fluency for women who will be citizens of the world. The use of online editions and internet based activities helps the students improve their performance as well as their technical competence. The scheduled use of the renovated digital language laboratory allows group interactions as well as individualized student responses, all programmed by the teacher. Accelerated studies based on placement exams are also possible.

The World Language Department philosophy, goals and instructional objectives are expressed in the required language offerings of three years of the same language with an additional elective year, and the possibility of pursuing a second language beginning at the sophomore level. The department’s integration of the New Jersey standards, the National Language exams in all the languages offered in the department, and the Advanced Placement program allow faculty and students to measure success and program development on a national level. The academic excellence of the students is greatly promoted, recognized and rewarded at the local and national levels by different language associations and organizations such as National Honor Societies for the various languages, and professional associations for language teachers. Multicultural awareness and Service Learning opportunities are also emphasized through trips to Europe and activities and events organized by different clubs whose goals are not only to learn more about cultural diversity, but also to reach out to the world through charitable actions.  


French I – H & CP
French II – H & CP
French III – H & CP
French IV – H & CP
French V – AP
Italian I – H & CP
Italian II – H & CP
Italian III – H & CP
Italian IV –  H & CP
Italian V – AP
Latin I – CP
Latin II – H
Latin III – H 
Latin III – HH
Latin V – AP
Spanish I – H & CP
Spanish II – H & CP
Spanish III – HH, H & CP 
Spanish IV – HH, H & CP
Spanish V – AP


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