Placement Exams

To ensure that students entering 9th grade are placed in courses for which they are academically prepared, AHA offers placement exams in Math and World Language. Since curriculum among local grammar/middle schools vary, placement exam results are used by Department Chairpersons along with admissions test scores (SSAT) and high school transcript information to determine in which courses students will be placed. Placement Exams are administered in May to allow students time to cover these topics in their current school.

Math Placement Exam

This exam assesses a student's overall skill in Algebra I. While the exam is optional, all students currently taking Algebra I and earning an 80 or higher in their grammar/middle school are encouraged to take the placement exam.

  • Students relying solely on their score on the entrance exam can only be placed into Algebra I (College Preparatory, Honors or High Honors)
  • Students who pass the placement exam will be placed into Geometry (level placement will remain the same as determined on the entrance exam)
  • Students who place into Geometry may request a second exam to place into Algebra II only if they have completed a full year of Geometry and maintained a minimum average of B+ for the entire year.

World Language Placement Exam

This exam will help determine whether a student must continue in Level 1 of their chosen language, advance to a more challenging honors class, or if the student's achievements have earned the student placement into Level 2.

Exams are offered in French, Italian, Latin, and Spanish for students currently taking those languages in their grammar/middle school. We also encourage all native speakers of French, Italian or Spanish, and those who hear the language at home, to take the test even if they are not proficient in the written language.

  • Students relying solely on their score on the entrance exam can only be placed into Level I of their chosen world language (College Preparatory or Honors)
  • Students who successfully pass the placement exam can be placed into Level 1 (Honors) or Level 2 (Honors).

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