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Scholastic Art & Writing Awards 2017

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Scholastic Art Awards 2017

National Scholastic Award Winners:

By receiving a Scholastic Art & Writing Awards National Silver Medal, our two talented AHA students join a legacy of artists, including Andy Warhol, Richard Avedon, & Paul Chan. More than 330,000 works of art from students across the country were entered into the National Competition after receiving Gold Key Awards in the Scholastic Regional Competition. Receiving National Silver Medal places both NaYoung and Margeaux in the top 1% of all submissions.
Senior NaYoung Lee won a National Silver Medal in Painting from the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards for her watercolor "Saudade."
Junior Margeaux Gould won a National Silver Medal in Jewelry from the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards for her necklace design, titled, "Nailed to the Neck." 

Regional Scholastic Award Winners:

Gold Keys | Jillian Tracy, Roubing Yang, Milena Correa, Margeux Gould, and Na Young Lee
Silver Keys | Jillian Tracy, Roubing Yang, Elizabeth Braun, Ashley Chang, Tyara Estrada, Na Young Lee, Joanne Li, and Elena Pulanco
Honorable Mention | Bridget Hayden, Timea Papp, Samantha Ryan, Grace Velarde, Sophia Georgiou, Katarina Katzarov, Garbiella Licini, Isabella Pineda, Elena Pulanco, Roubing Yang, Sabrina Celis, Noelle DeConzo, Tyara Estrada, Margeux Gould, Mary Haws, Alexa Hernandez, Haley Kuznetzow, Na Young Lee, Joanne Li, Caroline McGann, and Jessica Yale


Scholastic Art & Writing Awards 2016


Risako Arcari 
2016 - Gold Medal
Cut and Fold Typography 

Kyra Gensinger 

2016 - Silver Medal
Fork in the Road Jewelry Design





Scholastic Art and Writing Awards 2015

AHA is very proud to report the results of the regional portion of the Scholastics Art & Writing Awards. Nikki Margiotta ’17 was awarded a Gold Key in the Writing competition for her short story entitled “Creation.” In the arts categories AHA received four Gold Key Awards (with a special secondary award for Ruby Kang ’15 who was given an American Visions Nominee Award), 13 Silver Key Awards and 20 Honorable Mentions. The students who received Gold Key awards will move onto the national portion of the competition. In addition, they were invited to display their pieces at The Montclair Art Museum or Berkshire Hathaway Home Services of NJ. This is the third year in a row in which AHA is the only all girls Catholic school from Bergen County to achieve recognition in this highly prestigious competition. 

Receiving Gold Key Awards were: Tyara Estrada, for her photograph entitled “Black White Color,” Angelica Pasquali for her photograph entitled “Old Fashion,” Ruby Kang in the Drawing and Illustration category for her piece entitled “Nightmares” and Molly Menapace for her Jewelry piece entitled, “Swirls of Color.” Silver Keys were awarded in the Photography category to Colleen Cotter for “Artificial,” Samantha Kim for “Metamorphosis,” Angelica Pasquali for “Likely Sleeping, Darling” and “Trip”, and to Danielle Saxenian for “Autumn Landscape.” Silver Keys were awarded in the Jewelry Category to: Jae Eun Cho for “Queen Sun Flower” and Jillian McEvoy for “Branch Out.” AHA received three Silver Keys in the Drawing and Illustration category: Suwon Joo for “Journey Through Life”, Ruby Kang for “Utensils” and Vanessa Sakong for “September Bicycles.” Additional Silver Keys were awarded to Ruby Kang for her Art Portfolio “1207,” to Ashley Misciagna in the Printmaking category for “Gothic Ephemeral” and to Suwon Joo for her painting, “Looking Inward.” There were eight Honorable Mentions in the Photography category: Sophia Cotter for “She Needs Her Beauty Sleep”, Kayla Cristofoletti for “Warry Traveler,” Lisa Harootunian for “The Last Night,”  Clara Jeon for “I’m One of a Kind,” Ivelisse Mandato for “Florence,” Angelica Pasquali for “Grace Identity” and “Fall Life,” and Danielle Saxenian for “Night.” The following artists received Honorable Mentions in the Drawing and Illustration category: Risako Arcari for “Bike Crop,” Jae Eun Cho for “Mother Nature,” Renata Francesco for “Niagara: Rise and Fall,” Ashley Misciagna for “The City of Lights,” and Jiin Suh for “Just Like an Ordinary Day” and “Temptation." Honorable Mentions were awarded in the Jewelry category to Risako Arcari for “Corky” and to Briar Connors for “Green Silver.” Ruby Kang received an Honorable Mention for her untitled painting in that category; Maggie McCarthy received an Honorable Mention in the Mixed Media category for her work entitled, “Patwork Trip” and Elaine Ruiz received an Honorable Mention in the Architecture category for her piece “Sustainable Theater Architecture.”  Congratulations to these fine and accomplished artists.

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