A tribute to the Class of '23

Posted by the AHA Communications Department: May 10, 2023

Four years passed by in the blink of an eye. In a few short weeks, the Class of ’23 will leave Holy Angels ready to take on the challenges of college. What will our seniors miss most about AHA? What will faculty members miss about this special group? Read on. Read More

Library Website Gets Marvelous Makeover

Posted by the AHA Communications Department: February 13, 2023

Librarians Catherine Korvin and Anina Rossen encourage the Holy Angels community to visit and explore the Academy’s completely refreshed library website. “We are thrilled to announce the launch of the revamped digital library website,” Mrs. Korvin said. “We needed to migrate to a new software since Classics Google Sites retired at the end of January 2023. It was an opportunity to focus on making our website more convenient to use and locate digitized resources by our users: students, faculty, and staff. It is accessible via Blackbaud.” Read More

AHA Sees Benefits from Wellness Wednesday

Posted by the AHA Communications Department: January 18, 2023

In 2019, the Academy of the Holy Angels launched Wellness Wednesday, a collection of stress-busting activities that help educate the whole person, and promote durable learning. During community time, a morning flex period, the Academy participates in positive stress-management techniques that allow participants to try something new, connect with other Angels, and return to class ready for new challenges. Read More

A Gift for Our Planet: AHA's Green Initiatives

Posted by the AHA Communications Department: December 1, 2022

Protecting the integrity of all creation is not only a goal for the School Sisters of Notre Dame, who are AHA's foundresses and sponsors; it is also a call to action for the entire school community.Throughout the year, individuals and groups like the Green Action Team roll up their sleeves to support eco-friendly efforts. Read More

Kindness Klub Builds on AHA's Positive Spirit

Posted by the AHA Communications Department: November 3, 2022

Holy Angels students, faculty, and staff recently received this message: “The Kindness Klub will be hiding pumpkins throughout the building today. Inside, you will find a positive quote to brighten your day. If the quote speaks to you, keep the pumpkin and the quote for yourself. If you know someone who needs the message more, you may pay it forward.” Read More

AHA Attends UN's International Day of the Girl

Posted by the AHA Communications Department: October 20, 2022

This month, an enthusiastic group of young women from the Academy of the Holy Angels completely filled a bus bound for New York City. They were headed to “Girls Speak Out,” the United Nations’ Tenth Annual International Day of the Girl. This showcase for young female leaders is also an opportunity to explore ways to better the lives of girls around the world. Read More

AHA's 'Secret' to a Successful Open House

Posted by the AHA Communications Department: May 31, 2022

Months of planning go into a successful, memorable Open House. Just ask the Academy of the Holy Angels Admissions Team. Director Michèle McGovern and Assistant Director Jennifer Bullis handle every detail of these events, including the all-important recruitment and selection of the Academy’s Angel Ambassadors. Read More

Suiting Up for Success: An AHA DECA  Competitor's View of the State Event

Posted by Elise Tao (AHA '24) March 9, 2022

Students from the Academy of Holy Angels made the expedition from Demarest to Atlantic City to compete at the annual DECA state competition at Harrah’s Resort. The February 28 to March 2 event took place shortly after regional competition. Read More

Winter Blues

Posted by Anna Jang (AHA '23) February 7, 2022

When the days grow shorter, sunlight becomes sparse, and the temperature drops until you can no longer feel your toes, you may notice changes in your mood. Maybe it’s because of the dark and gloomy weather, or the empty seat at your lunch table because your friend is sick, but you may feel more fatigued and “down” than usual throughout the winter season. If you do encounter significant mood and behavior changes during the fall and winter, you may be suffering from seasonal affective disorder, or SAD.  Read More

‘Tis the Season for Trash: Opt for Reusable & Recyclable Gift ‘Wrap’

Posted by the AHA Communications Department: December 21, 2021

Wrapping last-minute holiday presents? The Green Action Team from the Academy of the Holy Angels asks everyone to remember our common home and minimize waste by dressing up gifts with reusable and recyclable items. Note: Recycling regulations vary from municipality to municipality, so check your hometown’s website for specific rules.  Read More

Essential Elements: Building a Team

Posted by the AHA Communications Department: October 20, 2021

It happens every year. The exceptional coaches at the Academy of the Holy Angels build successful teams, bringing out the champion in each individual and promoting genuine cooperation. The results include a staggering list of league, county, state, and national titles, and countless friendships. Read More

Summer Is Here! Time to Unwind

Posted by the AHA Communications Department: June 14, 2021

June is here. The weather is perfect and it’s finally time for some serious relaxation. The past two academic years have been extraordinary, to say the least. Keeping virtual and hybrid classes engaged, racing to find available COVID-19 vaccines, and staying safe and healthy are just a few of the challenges educators have faced. This summer, the Holy Angels community is planning to unwind and find joy in a variety of ways. Read More

Start Going 'Green' with Simple Steps

Posted by the AHA Communications Department: May 18, 2021

What can one person do to help our home planet? Plenty! Try these simple steps toward a greener, cleaner lifestyle. Academy of the Holy Angels English teacher Stephanie Dowling recommends composting at home to turn household waste into garden gold. Read More

The All-Girl Advantage

Posted by the AHA Communications Department: April 27, 2021

“The All-Girl Advantage” is fueling the success of current Holy Angels students and alumnae. At a recent webinar hosted by Assistant Admissions Director Jennifer Bullis, high-achieving alumnae and motivated members of the Class of 2021 discussed how AHA’s all-girl atmosphere helped them be confident in educational settings and beyond. Read More

Ask Our Athletes: Sports Can Change Your Life

Posted by the AHA Communications Department: March 17, 2021

Scholar-athletes are real-life action heroes, especially at Holy Angels, where they learn to balance their personal lives with busy academic and extracurricular schedules. Read More

How 'The 10 Norms' Foster Respect

Posted by the AHA Communications Department: February, 2021

The Act Justly Committee at the Academy of the Holy Angels encourages inclusivity. Here are the 10 norms committee members recommend to facilitate respectful conversations, even when people disagree. Read More

FAQ: Discover AHA Middle School

Posted by the AHA Communications Department: January 25, 2020

Have you heard? The Academy of the Holy Angels will open AHA Middle School in September 2021. As Holy Angels prepares to welcome young women in Grades 6, 7, and 8, AHA Principal Jean Miller and AHA Middle School Dean Traci Koval shared answers to some frequently asked questions. Read More

Giving the Gift of Yourself

Posted by the AHA Communications Department: December 15, 2020

Conventional wisdom tells us the best gifts come in small packages, but some of the most heartfelt gifts are those that cannot be confined to a box or elaborately wrapped in paper. “Without many of the distractions of my pre-pandemic life, I find an increased opportunity to reflect,” said AHA Director of Mission and Ministry Joan Connelly. “This reflection has increased my awareness of my many blessings. The gratitude I feel impels me to find ways to share the love and goodness I experience with others. Inevitably, the sharing of my time, talent, and treasure enriches me. Read More

AHA Students Reveal Their Favorite Activities

Posted by the AHA Communications Department: November 5, 2020

Educational opportunities extend well beyond the curriculum at Holy Angels. Students at the Academy explore their interests through a wide range of clubs and that focus on outreach and service, business and entrepreneurship, coding, engineering, robotics, broadcasting, writing, psychology, fashion, art, sustainable living, and more. Here’s what some current Angels had to say about their favorite activities. Read More

A 'Yearbook' for AHA's Class of 2020

Posted by the AHA Communications Department: June 3, 2020

Messages from the faculty and staff to the Class of 2020. Read More

Parents Give Holy Angels Top Marks for Supportive Distance Learning Program

Posted by the AHA Communications Department: May 18, 2020

The moment distance learning began, it was clear Holy Angels would rise above the COVID-19 self-quarantine and social distancing and continue the Academy’s 140-year mission to educate young women. AHA’s leaders initiated a structured, online school day complete with professional instruction in real time, and “office hours” for students seeking additional guidance. Faculty members rose to the occasion, mastering new technology and devising creative ways to keep students engaged. Read More

Making the Move to Growth Mindset

Posted by Natasha Dhanrajani, AHA Class of 2022: April 26, 2020

Before I entered the Academy of the Holy Angels, I never knew about fixed and growth mindsets. In middle school, I tended not to ask many questions in my classes because I would feel too embarrassed when I was unable to understand a concept that other classmates could. It can be hard to know what questions to ask.  Read More

AHA Librarian Facilitates Distance Learning

Posted by AHA Librarian Catherine Korvin: April 22, 2020

Hello everyone! It’s Mrs. Korvin. Despite the coronavirus crisis causing the doors of the AHA library to be closed temporarily, I continue to consult online to sustain our library services. I have been busy answering students’ questions about what resources to use for classes and what criteria to apply in their selections. I am also teaching Modern Language Association formatting, correcting numerous works cited pages, and sharing newly available digital content with students and staff.  Read More

Facing COVID-19 Together

Posted by The Communications Team, Academy of the Holy Angels: April 6, 2020

At a time when COVID-19 has increased the complexities of life throughout the world, the leaders from the Academy of the Holy Angels remain ready to teach, learn, and reach out to those within the AHA community and beyond. Read More

Make Them Laugh: What Every Stand-up Comedian Should Know

Posted by Carol Laux, AHA Class of 2021: January 15, 2020

When I was asked to write this entry, I was shocked. A comedian. Me. My 60 seconds of fame at the Holy Angels Talent Show last year was the first time I had ever brought my material onstage. Now someone wanted me to give advice about the whole experience? I hardly knew what I was doing myself. That being said, if anything I say could help another aspiring funny person, I’m happy to share everything I know. Here are my tips. Read More

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