Build Great Relationships and Share the Positive Energy

Posted by AHA Social Worker Sister Mary Foley, SSND, MSW: November 15, 2019

Relationships should be life-giving. No matter how old we are, the friends we make and keep are those people who make us better. When we are with them, we feel good inside. That feeling encourages us to spend more time with them. Healthy relationships form when we do and say things that are positive and helpful. When we are children, our friends are usually our siblings and other children with whom we share experiences. As teens, our circle widens and we are exposed to others who may come from different backgrounds and family systems. At this point, we realize that some people are positive influences in our lives, while others seem to be more negative. Read More

Tips from A Savvy Sophomore

Posted by Alexa Watson, AHA Class of 2022: October 15, 2019

As a freshman first coming to the Academy of the Holy Angels, just thinking the words “high school” could fill me with panic. I now understand that apprehension was unnecessary. Here are few tips I wish I had been given at the start of my freshman year. There are two main keys to success at AHA: time management and organization. The first -- and probably the most important -- step to being successful here is exercising good time management, so you can handle the large workload and still participate in other activities. I play volleyball in the fall, so I had to learn good time management the first week. Read More


Oxford Course Is Tailor Made for AHA Students

Posted by AHA English Department Chair Nancy Schneberger: September 15, 2019

When I learned about the opportunity to design a critical thinking program with an oral presentation minor at Oxford, I leapt at the chance. It was exciting to think that we could provide Holy Angels students with the unique opportunity to learn at one of the most eminent universities in the world! I hoped to include a variety of practical experiences for AHA girls to develop cross-curricular skills, such as the ability to analyze, to apply objective standards to decision making, to question and challenge ideas effectively, and to predict rationally. Read More



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