Required Health Information for New Students

Academy of the Holy Angels requires all students comply with NJ State Law requirements for immunizations, annual physical exams and supplemental documentation for asthma, allergies requiring emergency medication and medication authorization, if applicable. New students will receive the Physical Exam packet in May or it may be printed below or downloaded from your Magnus Health Portal.

1. Physical Exam Form

  • Summertime physicals must be done on or after June 1, 2021
  • Incoming new students will receive a copy of the physical form in May or it can be downloaded from our website - Physical Exam Form, or from your Magnus Health Portal
  • NJ Law requires physical exams be performed by a physician licensed to practice in the U.S.
  • Please upload the completed forms to your Magnus Health Portal and make a copy for your records.

2. Immunization Records

3. Additional requirements for students trying out for a fall sport, click here

Additional Forms:

Asthma/Reactive Airway/Respiratory Problem
Any student diagnosed with Asthma/Reactive Airway/Respiratory Problem that requires the administration of prescription medication for control of this condition must submit this form through your Magnus Health Portal. NJ State Law. Students are required to carry their medication with them at all times.

Asthma Action Form.pdf»

Allergies Requiring Emergency Medications

Any student diagnosed with an allergy that requires Emergency Medication (Epi-Pen/Epi-Pen Jr./Auvi-Q) must submit to your Magnus Health Portal: Emergency Health Care Plan with Authorization to Administer Epinephrine and Acknowledgement of School Policy: Allergies Requiring Medication Form»
Students are required to carry their medication with them at all times.

Medication to be Administered During the School Day
Any medication that will be administered during the school day must be accompanied by the Medical Authorization Form. Page 1 of this form is a two part consent. Parent completes the first part, and physician completes the second part. Full directions are on page 2. Students may not carry any medications needed during the school. They must be kept in the health office per NJ State Law. Please upload this form to your Magnus Health Portal.

Medical Authorization Form.pdf»

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