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Holy Angels Middle School -- where young women develop a love of learning empowering them to face the challenges of adolescence, to find their voice, and to share their gifts and talents with others.

“Education is not the filling of a vessel, but the kindling of a flame.” Socrates.


AHA Middle School’s English program encompasses literature, composition, critical thinking, and speech. Each year, you will develop your thinking skills as you analyze literature, discuss your findings, and engage in writing experiences. You will also begin to make connections between your English courses and other subject areas.

Maximize your mathematical talent and conquer personal challenges as you take your skills to the next level at your own pace. Math is integral to the Middle Level STREAM program, which emphasizes hands-on, project-based learning. Sharpen your ability to think critically, problem solve, communicate, and reason. You will continue to expand your skills as you encounter new technology.

Develop your scientific curiosity in AHA’s laboratory integrated program. Classes emphasize the inquiry method through lecture, discussion, and experiential investigations. Learn how scientific investigations are performed and how results and conclusions are reported in order to make informed decisions. You will be encouraged to investigate, analyze, and reflect as you write lab reports, summarize and interpret data, and design models. The middle school’s science program includes the study of Earth, life, and physical science. All classes incorporate cooperative learning and/or partner work, multitasking, lab safety, and procedures.

Take a closer look at the key tenets of Catholic doctrine as you study world religions. You will study the Christ Our Life Series, written by the Sisters of Notre Dame, coupled with scriptural support. Recall your learning from previous years and develop an interest for future exploration of specific tenets of Catholic spirituality. This foundational approach will prepare you for the secondary level of religious studies, and encourage you to develop your own spirituality.

World civilizations at the sixth grade level and then introduces our students to United States history over the course of a two year period. Students will engage in discussions and written work centered around the module essential question, as well as the main ideas built into each lesson. In addition to learning US history, students will engage with elements of geography, economics, civics, and how current events are shaped by history. Students will be expected to grapple with questions around oppression, identity, power, and global citizenship.

The middle school's world language program provides you with an introduction to the classical world, and a chance to sample French, Latin, Italian, and Spanish. By Grade 8, you will be ready to choose which world language you would like to study at the secondary level.

Find your favorite athletic activity. Enjoy an exploration of various activities, as you focus on your athletic side. When you identify a physical activity that fits your personality and interests, it just might become a lifetime pursuit.

Share your experiences and connect with others through the visual arts. Express your ideas through projects that promote problem-solving and creativity. Grow as an artist as you develop your craft and explore different subject matters, artistic styles, and the use of various materials and techniques.

Take on new adventures in technology as you dig deeper into robotics, artificial intelligence, coding, space travel, and much more. Understand existing technology and accept the challenges of whatever comes next. Technology is an integral part of modern life, at home, at school, and at work. Learn to see the value of technology and all its best uses.






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