Missing Angels: 1970 - 1979

We need your help! We are missing important contact information for the people listed in this Lost Alumnae directory. If you are listed, please update your profile or email/call the school with your information. Please encourage fellow Angels on the list that you know to do likewise. Thanks for helping us stay in touch!

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Lost Alumnae Directory
Results: (1 - 50) of 253
NameMaiden nameClass of
Sandra Abraham'75
Jeanne AbrahamsenMasar'71
Elizabeth AdamsMonteverde'78
Mary Ellen AdamskiWerner'73
Lisa Alessio'75
Mary Anderson'76
Diane Auresto'71
Babien AvilaBabnis'72
Elizabeth BaxterGriffin'78
Susan BeckerMurphy'74
Jeanne Beckerle'76
Deborah BellingeriGiusto'79
Susan Bertone'71
Kathy Bisbe'76
Cathy BlasevickOxton'76
Therese Boles'73
Elizabeth Bonacci'76
Julia Bonelli'72
Marirose Bowen'76
Lucy BoyleFinnegan'71
Maureen Brennan'77
Marianne T. Broderick'75
Virginia Broderick'71
Susan Brown'74
Rosa Brusco'76
Jane M. Bucco'73
Mary BurkartArnone'73
Maura BuschFeeley'78
Julie Caffrey'77
Jo Ellen P. Callaghan'74
Ana Canton'74
Elizabeth A. CardenasWalters'70
Theresa Carratura'79
Mary Carson'77
Elizabeth A. Casatelli'74
Maureen F. Casey'73
Rosanna CavanaughPiccolo'75
Darlene J. Centore'74
Rosanna Chavez'75
Vivian ChenChen'71
Susan P. CilanoWalsh'70
Mary Kathleen Clark'74
Kathleen Clyne'72
Maria Colicci'71
Claire Collins'73
Elizabeth CollinsGong'75
Elaine Comeau'78
Kim CopenhaverAurilio'79
Joyce Coppola'71
Janet Corring'73
Results: (1 - 50) of 253

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