Missing Angels: 1980 - 1989

We need your help! We are missing important contact information for the people listed in this Lost Alumnae directory. If you are listed, please update your profile or email/call the school with your information. Please encourage fellow Angels on the list that you know to do likewise. Thanks for helping us stay in touch!

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Lost Alumnae Directory
Results: (1 - 50) of 176
NameMaiden nameClass of
Maria Aiosa'86
Elena Amdeo'86
Sheila M. Andres'86
Eileen Andriola'81
Lisa Araman'82
Margaret August'81
Ann Marie Barrett'81
Barbara Baselice'81
Patricia M. BertuolGarip'84
Catherine M. BlakeMikelis'83
Gina BlancoMorrow'83
Patricia BlotnickGriffin'82
Melanie Bonvicino'85
Susan P. Brennan'83
Marilyn Bristol'82
Susan Brooks'84
Allison H. Brown'86
Janice Brunell'83
Nancy Brutus'86
Sabrina Brutus'87
Donna Burke'85
Joanie M. BurtonKeyes'87
MaryAnn Carlese'87
Helen Carletta'82
Catherine Carroll'81
Patricia J. Carson'81
Jeannie Collins'81
Maria Cologero'86
Heather A. ConnollyTurner'83
Maureen Conroy'88
Jeanine ConsoliChibbaro'83
Patricia Consoli'81
Jean Costin'81
Mary Jo Croonquist'81
Ellen M. CusickHutchinson'80
Joan DalyLavin'83
Allison DatwaniEgan'87
Clare Davies'81
Nicole C. DeFino'88
Jackie Della TorreIllonardo'81
Doreen DeSimone'83
Ann Dolan'89
Victoria Doll'81
Karen Dottino'86
Eileen M. Doyle'83
Kelli A. Drumgoole'86
Grace A. Duffy'81
Colleen Farrell'80
Kirsten Ferrara'89
Elizabeth Finkeldie'88
Results: (1 - 50) of 176

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