Oxford Course Is Tailor Made for AHA Students

Posted by AHA English Department Chair Nancy Schneberger: September 15, 2019

When I learned about the opportunity to design a critical thinking program with an oral presentation minor at Oxford, I leapt at the chance. It was exciting to think that we could provide Holy Angels students with the unique opportunity to learn at one of the most eminent universities in the world!

I hoped to include a variety of practical experiences for AHA girls to develop cross-curricular skills, such as the ability to analyze, to apply objective standards to decision making, to question and challenge ideas effectively, and to predict rationally.



The executive director of Oxbridge and I planned bespoke classes for AHA.One of my main goals for study abroad is that the girls to see themselves as global citizens and to become better and more careful consumers of information, along with growing in the ability to express themselves with authority.

Our girls study with Oxford scholars in classes written expressly for them.


I formed the class around essential questions. Some of my personal goals were related to our school’s philosophy, which is rooted in transformation of individuals through education. AHA’s growth mindset goals are addressed in every facet of the courses, too.

Both classes prompt students to philosophically engage in evaluative material, to think critically and analytically, and to empower students to speak about their ideas confidently with support from texts and established philosophical systems. We opened the program to students from every level of ability in Grades 10-12 to offer the opportunity for growth to all students, and to foster a cross-curricular and widespread effect.



The classes encourage intellectual curiosity and an excitement about learning for the sake of learning, without being focused on grades.


After the inaugural program concluded in the spring of 2018, some of the affective goals of developing self-confidence and the willingness to embrace challenge were apparent in the Holy Angels classrooms. Several teachers noticed a change in formerly reticent students. In my own class, I saw some of the participants engage in classroom discourse with more thought and courage.

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