Return to School Plan

August 12, 2020

Dear AHA Families,

We hope this finds everyone staying safe and healthy. As we look forward to September, we would like to share our plans for returning to school. Our plan has been created by a school-wide task force- administrators, faculty, parents, physicians, nurses and facilities management- who have conferred and met with consultants to evaluate several options. We have developed a plan that we believe best serves our school community at this time. Our work has been guided by the following principle: emphasizing the physical health and safety of our community members while maximizing student engagement. 

Enclosed you will find an overview of our Return to School Plan. Our school offices will be reopening on Monday August 17th and students will return to campus on Tuesday September 9th. A fundamental requirement of our success is the support of our school community. We must all assume personal responsibility for compliance with this plan. To that end, each family will receive an Angel Agreement from the Dean’s office. All health and safety guidelines must be followed including the completion of a daily health check screening online before leaving for school. The requirements and modifications to our schedule are necessary to ensure the health and safety of everyone in our community.

The program for the fall is a hybrid schedule which involves students attending classes on campus every other day and participating in classes online on alternating days. Families do have the option for their daughters to attend classes fully online. Please notify Mrs. Miller in writing if you wish to choose this option. If you select this option, your daughter will remain online for the first marking period. 

It is important that everyone understand the following:

  • As of today, Governor Murphy has authorized in-person instruction. If at any future date this decision is amended or reversed, Holy Angels will follow those directives. Therefore, our school calendar may be amended at any time throughout the school year.
  • If you travel out of state this month, please be advised that you must follow the NJ quarantine instructions. A two-week quarantine is required if you travel to states on the NJ Travel Advisory list.
  • All school protocols must be followed. Our success will be based on the support and compliance of all members of our school community.
  • Face masks must be worn at all times by students and faculty. AHA will provide students with uniform face masks. This is non-negotiable. Everyone on campus MUST wear face masks throughout the school day with the exception of when they are eating/drinking.

We recognize that these continue to be challenging times for all of us. Please continue to closely monitor communications from school and contact the school administration with any questions or concerns. Recognizing that sharing plans for the fall will lead to further questions, we will be scheduling online meetings for parents the week of August 24th. An invitation for these meetings will be sent to all families. Our shared goal must be to keep our community safe and healthy. Let us continue to keep one another in prayer as together we navigate the coming school year.


Melinda A. Hanlon, Ed.S.


Jean Miller



Academy of the Holy Angels


Summer Planning

A school-wide task force composed of administrators, teachers, staff, parents, doctors, nurses and maintenance workers conferred throughout the summer to plan for a safe return to school. Throughout the process we focused on two guiding principles: Emphasizing physical health and safety while maximizing student engagement.


Hybrid Learning Option

  • 50% of student population will come to campus every other day
  • Virtual days will receive synchronous learning according to the class schedule via Google Meet or Zoom
  • Presentations are tools that can be used as lectures.
  • First two days of school (September 8 & 9) will run a special Day 1+ schedule so students can meet all of their teachers & pick up books

Online Learning Option

  • Families have the option to attend classes fully online. This decision will remain in effect for the duration of the marketing period.


Begins Monday, September 14, 2020

Monday    Tuesday     Wednesday     Thursday    Friday

Week 1 Group A (1) Group B (2) Group A (4) Group B (3) Group A (5)

Week 2  Group B (6) Group A (8) Group B (7) Group A (1) Group B (2)


Health & Safety Guidelines

  • All students and employees are required to wear masks throughout the day. Each student will receive 3 AHA cotton masks to be worn as part of the school uniform.
  • No sharing of school supplies or equipment
  • Motion activated soap and towel dispensers have been installed
  • All restrooms have restricted use and plexi-glass barriers have been installed at sinks
  • Water stations limited to refill function only
  • Locker rooms closed. Students will wear Phys Ed uniform to school on days they have physical education classes
  • Cafeteria cash free
  • All student trips have been cancelled for 2020-2021
  • Dropping off items forbidden
  • No visitors on campus until further notice

Daily Student Responsibilities

  • Log in on time and actively participate in class
  • Wear neat and appropriate attire
  • Be at a table or desk
  • Be present
  • Keep cameras on and use the microphone or chat feature
  • Check emails, announcements, Blackbaud updates and all school communications
  • Utilize passing and break times as you would on campus - stretch, water refills, bathroom, etc.
  • Contact tech support with any issues
  • Upload finalized documents directly to Blackbaud
  • Remember the use of technology must support learning, follow state and federal laws, and be school appropriate






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