Retreat Program

Spiritual growth is an important aspect of the Holy Angels experience. In order to help students to deepen their relationship with God and with fellow classmates, AHA offers retreat opportunities with different themes for each year.


Freshman Retreat

"Building Community" focuses specifically on helping 9th graders recognize and develop a spirit of unity as they begin their years at Holy Angels. Prayer, ice-breakers and discussion groups encourage 9th graders to strengthen their relationships with each other and with God. 

Junior Retreat

"Follow the Star in Your Heart," is a retreat that explores leadership qualities through the lens of the charism of the SSNDs, particularly Mother Caroline Friess, first leader in North America. It is led by peers who volunteer to be on the retreat team, participate in a mini-retreat day themselves and meet weekly for two months to plan and the retreat. Through prayer, meditation, skits, witness talks and group sharing, students identify their personal gifts of leadership. 

Sophomore Retreat

"Everyone Counts" explores social justice themes and focuses on the experiences and needs of Africa, thus building solidarity with the people of this continent. Story telling, videos, song, prayer and reflection, with hands-on activities help students to "walk in the shoes" of their African sisters and brothers. 

Senior Retreat

Seniors participate in a one day retreat towards the end of the school year, planned by a team of their peers. It gives them an opportunity, during this year of transition in their lives, to reflect on their four years at AHA, share their hope and fears about the future, find strength and courage from their relationship with God and their bonds of friendship with each other.




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