Tips from A Savvy Sophomore

Posted by Alexa Watson, AHA Class of 2022: October 15, 2019

As a freshman first coming to the Academy of the Holy Angels, just thinking the words “high school” could fill me with panic. I now understand that apprehension was unnecessary. Here are few tips I wish I had been given at the start of my freshman year.

There are two main keys to success at AHA: time management and organization. The first -- and probably the most important -- step to being successful here is exercising good time management, so you can handle the large workload and still participate in other activities. I play volleyball in the fall, so I had to learn good time management the first week.

Avoid saving your work until the last minute, and make the most of the time you do have. Here are some ideas that work for me:


Keep a calendar carefully documenting every assignment/assessment so you can’t forget. Include outside activities. If you know you have practice on Monday, you can compensate by doing more on Sunday. USE YOUR WEEKENDS!

Make a schedule, either in a notebook or in your computer. Include what you plan to complete on any given day. This prevents you from procrastinating.

Dedicate a study space where you find peace and quiet. It should be somewhere you can work efficiently without many outside distractions. My room is my dedicated study space.


Another aspect of high school I wish I had been prepared for before the first day of freshman year is the need to be organized. High school is not the place for sloppy, disorganized habits. Save yourself from mix-ups and lost points with these ideas:


Make folders on your computer and make tabs in your binders according to subjects. This ensures that assignments from different classes won’t get mixed up and you can easily find things. I take it one step further and make folders for classwork, homework, tests, notes, etc. inside the general folder for each individual class.

Start color coding! If you are a visual person, this should work well for you. You can color code your folders (online and physical), binders, and notebooks by subject to keep everything nice and tidy.

Remember: Life at Holy Angels should be both productive and fun! Hopefully, these tips will help lessen your anxiety and prepare you for the journey ahead.


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